Social media outlets:

Dr. Social Rx helps connect you with the world!
Build Facebook profiles, upload physician information, and interact with patients, post updates from website, post physician practice content to gain exposure, recognition, and following.
Build Twitter profile, upload physician information, “Tweet” updatesfrom website, offer promotional specials, post physician practice content to gain exposure, recognition, and following. Follow influential physician’s followers.
Build Linkedin profile, upload physician information, connect your Twitter, Facebook updates to your Linkedin status, help connect with other physicians,   join groups of interest, and post discussions in related medical fields.

  • Add on to your additional website an interactive blog or create a stand-alone blog site for your medical practice.
  • Educate patients on medical information, pamphlet information from your practice, procedures, latest medical news and trends
  • Deliver information generally in a tone and language that is more approachable by non-medical people
  • Contracted Services Options:

    • Social Media consulting: Dr. Social Rx will interact for you on all or selected mediums.
      • Social Media Ease: Dr. Social Rx sets up the social mediums, and teaches your staff how to interact for future engagement.

    What to do next:

    1.) Discovery Session (Kick-Off Meeting):

    Dr. Social Rx will meet with your decision makers (head physician, office manager, admin.) to discuss your goals, niche market of consumers for your social media, and administer a ‘Needs Analysis’.

    2.) Results of ‘Needs Analysis’:

    Dr. Social Rx will meet back with the decision makers and outline the best steps and strategy for implementing your social media campaign.

    • Discuss “Contracted Services Options’

    Contact us to free up your schedule!

    3.) Action Plan:
    Discuss timelines, Payment structure; discuss how information will be disseminated from staff to Dr. Social Rx team, Choose how often updates will occur on all social mediums.


    4.) Measure Results:
    Analytical reporting given on measurement of social media effectiveness

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    1. Website/Blog: Google Analytics – measure traffic, geographic reach, times of day
    2. Facebook/Twitter: Analytics on followers/following
    3. Propose Marketing ideas: Website ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads/LinkedIn ads


    5.) End of Contract Results:
    3 or 6 month contracts for physicians to use Dr. Social Rx and adjust current plan, expand or modify service. Talk over what has improved, etc…


    Customized packages: Depending on your social media needs, frequency of interactions and how interactive Dr. Social Rx is with your clients vs. your professional staff will dictate pricing.

    For pricing and additional information click here to => Contact Us: